Western Idaho Fair

Growing up, the Western Idaho Fair was the highlight of my summer. I loved going with my family and eating fair food, riding rides, petting the animals in the petting zoo, getting my face painted, and going to the concerts. As I get older, I still love the fair just as much! I was really excited to go with one of my oldest friends, Molly, for the first time this year. We grew up together and our families were really close, but somehow she and I had never made it to the fair together.

Naturally, Molly and I wanted to experience the fair to the fullest, so we made a list of our fair goals:

1. Get our palms read.
2. Hug all the cows.
3. Get an ice cream potato for Sandy, and a funnel cake for Molly.
4. Scoop our hands into the Orbeez. (water ball things)
5. Ride a scary ride because we ain’t scared.
6. Learn to lasso.
7. Browse and consider purchasing a hot tub.
8. Say I’m not going to waste $8 on a tor-tato (tornado potato), and then do it anyway.
9. Sweat a cute amount.
10. Almost run over 10-14 10-14 year olds.
11. Rediscover my love for the water buffalo in the petting zoo.
12. Look at the corn on the cob and want it very badly but not buy it because of the atrocity of eating it in public.
13. Laugh mildly at the joke of one street performer guy who may or may not be riding a unicycle.

As you can see, we pretty much covered all our bases here, and I’m happy to report that we checked off everything on the list. The most important thing of all was that we get our palms read. This goes years back, when Molly and I decided it would be interesting to get our palms read one summer. We searched high and low, drove around, and made a ton of phone calls but simply could not find anyone in the Treasure Valley who did palm reading. We even tried to learn how to do it ourselves, but to no avail. There is always a psychic at the fair, so we knew this would be our chance.

We mainly wanted to see what the psychic would get right and wrong, and have fun with it. Neither Molly nor I really believes in psychics, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t entertained by the concept of palm reading or auras or horoscopes! I was up first, so I placed my extraordinarily creased palms in front of the psychic. Molly has just few very distinct lines on her palms, and mine look like crumpled maps, so we thought this would be very interesting. Overall, I would say that what the psychic had to say was very accurate, and a couple things especially so. She got a few key things in Molly and I’s lives that I don’t think were obvious and that were very current, so we were both impressed and very amused. It was nice to finally have it done after years of searching!


It was a gorgeous day for the fair, because a lot of the smoke had cleared out of the valley and it wasn’t outrageously hot like it can be. Molly and I didn’t go to the fair by ourselves, we also had her boyfriend and two friends with us. We wandered around and basically had a grand ole time.



World’s largest horse!


I love being at the fair at sunset and into the night, just for the gorgeous views.


Our fear-facing ride was technically the swings, but I happen to really hate and fear ferris wheels. I hate heights, and the slow moving ferris wheels are like torture for me, but we made it through!


I was rewarded for enduring the terror of the ferris wheel with this view.


Behold, the ice cream potato. For those not from Idaho, this is no ordinary potato. It’s a hard frozen vanilla ice cream tumbled in cocoa powder and sliced to look like a potato. It’s one of the best parts of the fair, in my opinion. The legendary ice cream potato simply had to be on my Very Idahoan Summer Bucket List.


The Western Idaho Fair is one of the best events in the Treasure Valley each summer, and I’m so glad I got to go with my friends this year. Molly and I were the two happiest, cutest corn dogs at the fair.


Photos taken by Sandra Walker and friends. Boise, Idaho. August 2017.


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