How Many Scovilles?

I love spicy food.

About 3 months into studying abroad in Germany, a land of the mild food, my friends and I were suffering. We missed all things hot. Then, one of my friends received the greatest care package of all time: a box containing two large jars of Frank’s Red Hot sauce. We quickly arranged a little dinner party, and my friend made a spicy chicken dip that basically consisted of shredded chicken, Frank’s Red Hot, cream cheese, and butter. We sat around the table and took turns eating directly out of the pot with our forks, and I remember vividly how great it was to have something spicy again and how hilarious it was that it didn’t even occur to us to use plates until we had consumed the entire pot.

So yeah, I really love everything spicy, and the hotter the better. When I was putting together my summer bucket list, I knew I would have to go to Flying Pie Pizzaria. Flying Pie is a local pizza place that is beloved in the Treasure Valley, and I’m a bad Idahoan for having not been already. Onto the bucket list it went, but I didn’t just want to eat any old pizza. I knew Flying Pie had an August special: the Habanero pizza. I grabbed my spicy food partner in crime, Molly, and off we went.


First, there are a few things you should know about “Habanero Season” and the pizzas they offer at Flying Pie. All of this information is paraphrased from Flying Pie’s website, which I will provide the link for below.

  1. These habanero peppers are supposedly spicier than the ones you can usually purchase at the grocery store.
  2. There are three versions of the pizza: Single, Double, and Triple Habanero.
  3. Single means about 6 habaneros, double is about 12, and triple is about 18.
  4. This pizza was once featured on Man vs. Food.

Molly and I didn’t read the website very carefully, so we selected the modest “Single” option. Molly has a lower tolerance for spicy food than I do, but we still often add two habaneros in when we cook. Had we realized it was only 6 habaneros for an entire pizza we would have leveled up! Here is the pizza:



The standard pizza comes with chicken, which we obviously had omitted. In the red lighting of the restaurant it is hard to tell, but the top of the pizza is littered with little habanero pieces. This was an exciting moment, and Molly and I braced ourselves for the worst. We took our first bites, and…….nothing. After about two slices, Molly was definitely feeling the burn, and after three she had downed her glass of water and mine. After my three slices I was totally fine. My nose didn’t even run! Turns out, we regularly cook spicier food at home than this pizza was.

I was a little disappointed, and wish we had at least gone for the double, but it was still fun and a good pizza! That’s the 17th thing I’ve crossed off of my Very Idahoan Summer Bucket List, and it was worth it. As the summer is slowly winding down, I still have a bunch of adventures on the calendar, so stay tuned!


Flying Pie Pizzaria:

Photos taken by Sandra Walker. August 2017.



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