The Snake River Stampede

No, this wasn’t my first rodeo. In fact, this is my third time at the Snake River Stampede!  I knew I had to get a little bit of the Wild West onto my Very Idahoan Bucket List, and what says Western more than a good ole rodeo?


Snacks in hand and ready for some rodeo!



These are three world champions, but I forget in which events. It’s interesting to me that the people who compete in rodeos have to travel so much! They basically travel like rock stars on world tours, taking their animals around all over and competing in different rodeos every weekend. There’s a certain kind of glamour at the rodeo that fascinates me.


A bucking bronco! This will be a short post, because I didn’t take many photos at the rodeo. Kudos to rodeo photographers, because every event is unpredictable and the subjects are always moving fast, but only for about 10 seconds! I decided it was better to live in the moment and enjoy the show and leave the photography to the professionals.


This is perhaps the most Idahoan thing I’ve ever seen, so let’s break this down. That is a cowboy. The horse was previously wild, and was tamed and trained by that cowboy, who also trained those two herding mutts you see there on the hood of that old fashioned car. So he trained that horse to sit down in that car, and to ride around the arena. It’s a lot to take in.

That’s about all I’ve got to share about the rodeo, but I had a really good time and it was nice to hang out with my dad. Otherwise I have just been working, organizing more summer bucket list adventures, and getting everything set up for Austria. I’m really excited to finally have my Austrian address! I know exactly where I’ll be living and teaching now. I’m starting to slowly pack my things, which is turning out to be way more of a challenge than when I packed for Germany. I thought it would be easier since I have a full size suitcase this time instead of a backpack, but nope. Everything I have to bring just takes so much space!

Coming up on my Very Idahoan Summer Bucket List: my friends and I will take on the Flying Pie Habeñero pizza, and I am hosting a big dinner party to celebrate being vegetarian for an entire year!

Thanks for reading!



Photos taken by Sandra Walker, July 2017. Boise, Idaho


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