The Rollerdrome

Nampa isn’t exactly Idaho’s top adventure destination, but there’s one reason why it’s worth paying a visit: the Rollerdrome. This was a simple (but fun) addition to my summer bucket list, and reminded me of when I used to go ice skating in Germany after tests on Fridays. The Rollerdrome is a roller skating rink with that classic “bowling alley that hasn’t been updated since the 80s” feel. For an $8 admission and $2 skate rental, you too can enjoy 3 hours of roller skating fun. There’s modest snack shop, and an arcade corner. I hadn’t been here since Jr. High School, and I’m happy to report that it hasn’t changed a bit.






Three hours of rollerskating, and I only fell down once! Two very Idahoan summer adventures down, and many more on the calendar…..


P.S. The “Malcolm in the Middle” episode about roller skating is the greatest. 10/10

Photos by Sandra Lyn Walker and Molly King. Nampa, Idaho. June 2017


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